Me lately

If I have to think about myself lately, then it’s just going to be about work and paying bills. It’s boring af but that’s how my life is nowadays.

Two years ago, I was kind of determined to be like everyone else and settle for an office-based job. I admit that time, I was unsure about myself and where I stand. Things didn’t turned out well during that year but I am still grateful for the experience and it helped me in a lot of ways including believing in myself.

Now, it has been a year since I settled for home based jobs and it has been so great so far. I feel like I am in control of my life now. ☺️ I am somehow a control freak so that’s fine. I am proud of myself for reaching this milestone. This is the first time I reached a full one year on a job (I know it’s home-based, but still!) I hope I don’t jinx it but things are really going well with me on that area of my life. In other areas, things are a little shaky but I can manage. ?

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