Why do I blog?

I really don’t know how to start this blog. I guess it’s good to start witht this – Welcome to by personal blog. Its been a reaaaaaaaaal while since I last posted something. To be honest, I’m not really in a blogging mood lately (maybe permanently). But I just can’t let go of the idea of owning a personal domain or blog. I remember almost half-of-my-age ago, I really wanted to have one like this and even tho domains and websites are something I could easily get to and loose now – because of the nature of my work, I don’t want to lose that version of me who wants to have her own little space on the web.

I’ve been really thinking about this a lot lately. What is the purpose of this all? Why do I blog? Why should I keep on blogging? If you ask me years ago, I would have totally answered this easily. I used to blog everything and frequently and I don’t mind it.

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Blog Maintaining is Love

So I’ve been addicted to maintaining this blog this weekend. It’s finally my free time after my usual busy days and I’ve been itching to complete this since I launched this blog.

I think most of the improvements are done, but I’ve probably missed some little things here and there (like padding and wrong :focus colors). When I envisioned this theme, I really want to go for the minimalist look with striking typography logo and striking accent color (hence that bold pink color). But I’m still a typography newbie so I felt something is still lacking so I added that pinkish flower background (credits to to some sections. I’ve never used a girly-ish theme before, most of my themes before looked generic af. ?

One of the perks of being a Web Designer / WordPress Developer  is being introduced to some of the best premium themes out there and for this blog, I am using Genesis Framework with my own  custom child theme. I used to think that for my own sites, I need to do everything from scratch but that’s really a lot work – design, front-end development, responsive fixes. With using a parent theme, I can focus on design and branding (and blogging!) which I really want to focus on rather than coding. And I really don’t have to worry about the responsiveness on mobiles and tablets. (Geez, meet the web design geek in me ?)

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Hello there!

Hello there! :)

It has been like two years since I wrote a blog post, actually since I did any blog maintenance at all, at least to my own sites. I actually lost this domain name two years ago and someone else (as in a spammer) got this when I failed to renew it. I never knew I could get this back, and with just the same fee!

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to blog for the longest time, I just didn’t do it because I couldn’t settle on a blog name. :P And because I’m too busy with adult life. :/ Good thing I got this back because I really can’t think of a new blog name.

Lately, I’ve been kind of reminiscing my blogging days. I started blogging when I was 18 years old and no, I’m not divulging my age and I don’t want to share my old blogs , they make me cringe. But really, time flies so fast. I hope I will be able to keep this blog for good!