And four months later…

Whew. Long time no blog update. I really want to say sorry to myself and specially to my blog for not updating for so long. One thing I can say, adulting is very hard. And my life is very boring… Unlike most people in the planet who go out everyday for work and occasionally travel for leisure, I don’t do any of that. Well I do have work but as I mentioned here before, I work at home (Yes, thank the heavens again for the internet) so my days consist of just working and working then watch something online (I am waiting for you iZombie season 3) and then maybe play The Sims 4. I don’t even get enough sleep anymore as I can’t sleep most nights for the past month or so. (Do I have insomnia now or maybe something else?)

I hope for the next couple of days or weeks, I can write something blog-worthy. I’ll try my best to get up on my free time and get out of the house. I tell you, I am really lazy most days. :( I know, YOLO right?

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A confession but not really

It has been effing four months since I last posted a blog. ? Work has been keeping me busy – as some other things.

I haven’t really said this in this blog but I did sometimes post about it on social media – I am a person with disability. It is something I am born with. I still function like any other human being as obviously I am still able to work. But there are things that are hard for me to do like using my right hand, balancing my body (mostly using my left side to stand or walk), commuting and other stuff.

There’s this one thing that’s really bugging me lately and it’s the new escalator etiquette rule implemented by SM supermalls here in the Philippines (and maybe nationwide already?). The one which says you have to walk in the left side and stand in the right side of the escalator. This means, I am no longer allowed to stand in the left side which is my functioning side. I know it’s a standard etiquette in other parts of the world but I had been really comfortable for the longest time that we don’t have rules like that here. Now that’s gone and the next best option for me is using the elevator which I am somewhat afraid of because I’m afraid of getting stuck and then dying a horrible death.

Now, a lot of the people who talked about this with me are happy with this new rule. Of course who wouldn’t? But can you do me a favor and just sympathize with me for a second? I know people want “change” now (especially with the hype with the current president – who I have loads of opinion of, but that’s a different story) but this is not the change I was expecting. It is just a huge bother to me. I know I am just part of the minority but just let me just take this out of my chest, this is my blog anyway.