I’m never good at creating about pages but I’ll try my best.

My name is Roselyn from Manila, Philippines. I used to hate the name Rose but I kinda went by that name when I started working. I still feel weird when old friends call me by that name. I am a former business student who realized my passion is on creative design.  Many years later, I am now a home-based Web Designer by day… and by night. I also ventured in front-end development which is pretty fun to do, not to mention, challenging.

So that’s that.

If I’m not working, you’ll find me just spending time at home, watching TONS of TV shows, fangirling things, playing The Sims 4 or just being a lazy bum.

My interests span from TV shows (which I might list somewhere here someday), anime and manga (a long time ago), Jpop and Kpop (not so much now), web and graphic design (as I mentioned for the nth time), my cats, some games (I usually play games on my Nintendo 3ds and of course there’s The Sims). Recently, I’ve been obsessed with searching the internet for home renovation/decor/DIY ideas.

I kinda think of my self as a ‘late bloomer’. I’ve been really restricted before and still now but things have been really great for me recently and I’m looking forward to what lies ahead.

Technowish.net is my personal domain I started last 2011. The name is inspired by a J-pop group called Perfume. I’ve been personal blogging since I was 18 years old but I’ve been on hiatus for quite some time. I’ve recently just returned and I really hope I can keep this for good.