And four months later…

Whew. Long time no blog update. I really want to say sorry to myself and specially to my blog for not updating for so long. One thing I can say, adulting is very hard. And my life is very boring… Unlike most people in the planet who go out everyday for work and occasionally travel for leisure, I don’t do any of that. Well I do have work but as I mentioned here before, I work at home (Yes, thank the heavens again for the internet) so my days consist of just working and working then watch something online (I am waiting for you iZombie season 3) and then maybe play The Sims 4. I don’t even get enough sleep anymore as I can’t sleep most nights for the past month or so. (Do I have insomnia now or maybe something else?)

I hope for the next couple of days or weeks, I can write something blog-worthy. I’ll try my best to get up on my free time and get out of the house. I tell you, I am really lazy most days. :( I know, YOLO right?

For now, I am focusing on work as my workload as been really loading up. :o I’ve been sick for the past few days and I haven’t been able to work properly. To be honest, I’m on sick leave but I’m still stressed. :(

Anyway, I love my new blog theme. (YAY) I got inspired by something I saw on Creative Market and I thought last night, I just have to do it so I did it. I was supposed to be resting but you can’t let that kind of creative ideas waste away.

Speaking of creative ideas, I’ve been meaning to blog about my portfolio site which I have finally setup last year. I named it Roze.Design which is a really cool domain name for me. Please check it out and if you want me to work on your site or whatever, just feel free to chat me up.

I think gold is my new favorite color. I even fainted our ceiling gold. I’ve been using gold as my brand color these days. ♥♥♥

In another topic, I have so many things in my mind – so many things I want to get in life. Like finishing the house renovation mostly but I’m specifically obsessed in planning to get a secured credit card. A credit card is very convenient and I think it will solve most of my problems. Plus, it can be a bridge for me to become financially stable or at least make way for other things to be possible for me – like getting loans, etc. But I can’t get it the normal way sadly… as my work is considered ‘not official’ in society standards (#freelancerproblems lol) So here comes secured credit cards. For those of you who don’t know, a secured credit card is no different from a regular credit card but you have to give (well it’s still yours) a ‘collateral money’ to the bank so you can get a CC with 100% approval rate even without the proper requirements. This collateral money is mostly time deposit accounts and you can get your money back after a year, I think, if you wish so. . In short, you can get a credit card even without the requirements. As long as you have the money. You still need to pay for your credit bills monthly just like with the normal ones tho.

And that is what I am aiming for. I can’t apply right away as I still want to build up my savings. I can’t just throw my money to a time deposit account and not touch it for a year. I need more savings for this to be possible for me. If you’re interested in secured credit cards and you want to know more, here’s an infographic. This really helped me a lot.

Oh wow, this looks like a sponsored post but it’s not at all. :D This is just what I’ve been thinking for a while and I guess it doesn’t hurt to blog about it.

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  1. Xian
    Xian says:

    Welcome back to blogging!!! Hahaha! Seems a lot of us were actually on hiatus but it’s good you’re back now :D Heehee~

    If given a chance, I would love to do work at home as well. Para iwas travel kung hindi naman gala XD AHAHAHA!

    I love gold btw~ But I’m more into silver :D Heehee~

    • Roselyn
      Roselyn says:

      Silver is ok. Specially on jewelry. :) But I’m really into gold themes right now.

      My advice if you want to work from home (like really your boss is in a different country)… Make sure you pay your taxes/pagibig/philhealth/sss/etc on your own . If years went by and you haven’t settled those, it’s really hard to go back to it. The process is so much hassle.

  2. Xian
    Xian says:

    Yup, given na yun once you work from home. Parang may personal business ka and yung mga life benefits mo ay ikaw talaga mag-aasikaso XD Heehee~ Thanks!

  3. Lucien
    Lucien says:

    Thank you very much, I love your blog too…and gold as well; that color gives a “precious” (as in special) vibe to everything you use it on. :)
    I only have a prepaid rechargeable (€5k funds limit) VISA credit/debit card – I only use it for online shopping and on PayPal so that’s enough for me.
    I hope you can get your secure card soon; good luck. :D

    P.S.= I applied for affiliation(?)/link exchange; by the way, where did you get your shoutbox? It’s very cool, but it doesn’t look like’chatbox.

    • Roselyn
      Roselyn says:

      Heyy :3 I have added you to my blogroll :)

      The shoutbox is made by me. ^^; I have written a plugin/script for wordpress. It is in beta mode still (for years already haha) so I am the only one using it.

      • Lucien
        Lucien says:

        Wow, that’s so coool! :D
        You should work on it as soon as you have time and publish it on, it’d very useful for Wp users to have a “custom” (as in created for wp) tagboard plugin – is nice but a bit buggy sometimes.

        Said that….T_T :(
        I would have loved to use that shoutbox – it looks so cool and sleek – but I don’t use WordPress. :(

  4. Lucien
    Lucien says:

    I’m more into reading mangas these days – I haven’t watched an anime in probably 2 years or more xD – but yeah, I have yet to lose that passion….don’t think I’m really ever going to. :P

  5. Nice
    Nice says:

    OMG I can relate to you so much. In the past few years I haven’t really been consistent with updating my blog because I was busy with college, and it’s just now that I’m currently trying to revive it. I just hope I won’t screw it up once again. Haha! Then yeah, I don’t have the means to travel as of now. Anyway, what freelance work do you do? I’m planning to have a career like that.

    Also, I love your blog theme <3 I like how you incorporated the gold color on your layout. It makes your theme look glamorous.

    Well, my alternative for credit cards would be prepaid cards. I like how I can just reload it whenever I want to buy something online. I'd like to know about your experience soon when you get your own secured credit card tho. :) I'll be keeping myself updated.

  6. Claudine
    Claudine says:

    Don’t worry, many of us are busy too and sometimes just can’t find the time to blog, so it’s totally understandable :D I know what you mean about adulting. Sometimes it’s just very hard and boring and at times frustrating as well. I work from home too (I’m an employee in my university), but sometimes it’s so hard for me to balance that with studying as well. Ahhh XD

    Have you tried debit cards instead? I have credit cards in the PH but here in Taiwan I opted for a debit card, it’s so much easier to manage my finances that way :D

  7. Brandy
    Brandy says:

    I’ve always been more into silver but gold is still nice.

    Credit cards have been the death of me. I have 2 that I’m still trying to pay off. Saving money all together has always been a challenge all together.


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