I knew it was coming and I should have prepared myself but I didn’t. As a fan who invested so much to 2NE1 – and not just buying their releases and merchandises but going to their expensives concerts and joining fansites/fanclubs as a staff member who contributed as much as I can – it pains to hear that 2NE1 has disbanded. I’m actualy not just sad, I am bitter af.

I know 2NE1 are not BIGBANG who are more clearly the money maker in YG but I thought they care. I thought even with Bom’s “scandal”, they would still hold on to 2NE1. I thought they will still suprise us with a comeback after two years, even with Minzy leaving. After all, 2NE1 hiatus wasn’t a big deal for us blackjacks (fans). We were so used to waiting for them to release new music. They were always on hiatus ever since.

That’s why I am really heartbroken with their disbandment. 2NE1 was together for 7 years but adding all of their hiatus periods, they were only promoting for 3 years with only a few releases. In those 7 years, they could have released a lot more music, promoted a lot more but they weren’t given the chance. They deserved better than this. #2NE1deservedbetter

2NE1 OT4 (T.T)

I admit, I hated Minzy when she left. I hated CL when she started promoting in the US as a solo artist especially when she was singing 2NE1 songs all by herself (and Dara was even watching!) But I guess, it wasn’t their fault. Neither Bom’s nor Dara’s. They just did what they can with everythings’s that has happened.

Everything was YG’s fault. They clearly have thrown 2NE1 under the bus. BIGBANG had more really severe scandals than Bom’s. Daesung’s scandal even resulted in a death of a person and everyone was still okay with it. Not that I am dissing Daesung or what but let’s be freaking real.

What happened to 2NE1 was so unfair. So much wasted opportunity and potential. Minzy was never given a solo. Dara only had one song and it was a CF song even. Bom was never given the chance to get back up. I used to realy like YG Entertainment. I thought they were the best. They are fucking not.

2NE1 is the best girl group for me. They had been an inspiration and lifted me whenever I was feeling down.They were my escape from reality.  Thank you 2NE1. Thank you for the awesome music and for paving way for other girl groups.

It’s really sad to see them go like this. They got me into K-pop 7 years ago and with their break up, I am saying goodbye to K-pop. It has been fun  while it lasted. Annyeong.

I wrote this blog before Goodbye came out. I only got to post this I know but the song still gets me every time.

To all blackjacks that have reached this end of this post, how much does 2NE1 mean to you? Do you think you have moved on from their disbandment?

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