Dream House Setup + My Latest Addictions

Its been a while since I last blogged and it is making me a bit sad that I didn’t update sooner but life, especially work has been craaaazy lately. I was supposed to blog maybe a few weeks ago about work and how I was working from 8am to 12pm then 3pm to 12 midnight then I have to complete some weekly hours for another work. THEN suddenly, I lost my 3pm-12mn job. Well, actually I resigned. I guess my mind and body couldn’t take it. Or I think I have jinxed it by thinking of blogging about it. I guess couldn’t wrap around the thought that I need to sleep right after 12 midnight then have to wake up at 8am. If anyone’s reading this and wondering how is this a setup, well I am actually a home-based worker so that’s how. Thank god for the internet.

It’s like a big burden has been lifted and actually I’ve been thinking about doing it for months. Okay the truth is, I needed that job and I kind of loved that job and the day after it got official that I’m no longer with them, it actually kind of hurt and I regretted it for like a day or two (or a week). But now I think I’ve moved on already and really, it is for best. It is okay though as I am still as busy as ever and I actually have a new client right now. :) #freelancegoals

On with the topic that’s the post’s title. My dream house setup. The reason I have been working hard lately (also, I am really crazy about saving up money at this point of my life) – Me and bf/fiance/live-in-partner/common-law husband (labels! I hate labels) recently moved in to my Aunt’s old house and I got permission to renovate it. YAY. Since last year, I’ve been dreaming of  renovating our old place but unfortunately it was only rented and really small. Like a room. This year we finally moved and I’m excited af to achieve my dream house interior. But the cost is no joke! I have spent a huge amount already with just the kitchen and bathroom and they are still unfinished. Not to mention the rest of the house! I think this is gonna be a year long journey. I really hope I can achieve it.

I want to like share photos of how I want the interior to look but I’m too lazy right now to look for pics. Maybe later. Basically, I want everything to be white and or light colors with accent or pop up colors for the furniture or some objects. I also want to have some wall deco and maybe some really nice calligraphy or typography frames posted on the wall. I guess if you’re familiar with The Sims (or the latest The Sims 4). I basically want to have a Sims house. Haha. Of course, I also want to have a really nice home office for myself. Right now, EVERYTHING is a mess which I so hate.

Lately, I’ve been interested again with makeup. I’m interested with it before to the point that I bought some makeup for me but now, I kind of want to be an expert. Haha. Like learn all the techniques and buy all kinds of makeup and makeup tools. I’ve been subscribing to a lot of makeup youtubers and even bought new makeup (and my very first set of brushes – although cheap – and a beauty blender dupe) Maybe someday I can save up a lot of money for make up but not right now.

My makeup haul #makeup #igdaily #instadaily #igpinay #instapinoy #makeupphilippines #zalora

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After makeup, I’m also really interested in skin care which to be honest I don’t think of much before. I started on a face care regimen of my own. I don’t know if it’s any good, let’s see for a week. :) And I hope I can keep this up for a while. :P

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  1. Vikanda
    Vikanda says:

    Giiirl, you and me both with that recent beauty craze. It was only maybe a year ago that I decided I wanted to actually be DECENT at makeup, so I followed YouTubers and bought some makeup, and now I’m taking care of my skin too. I bought a bunch of Korean skincare products, started my multi-step regimen, and it feels so refreshing to take care of myself. I go days sometimes being lazy and forgetting, but as long as I pick it back up, my skin still feels a lot better!

    And good luck with the renovations! I adore clean interior design, so I’d love love love to see pictures of any in-progress stuff you do to your place! It’d be really inspiring for me and probably a lot of others too, haha.

  2. Dada
    Dada says:

    Respect! I really admire people who follows their aspiration to be their own boss whether doing freelancing, starting a start up, and creating their product. It’s really not easy. Kudos to you, Rose :)

    Dream house!! And I’m seeing news that Ikea is coming soon to Philippines? ;) That’s one of my hobbies here in SG, to design the interiors of our places and getting the right things balance and all. I do go for the minimalist approach. Would love to see the final output of it once it’s all done :D

    Makeups. I don’t understand why it’s so expensive. xD

    Btw, linked you already :)


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