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So I’ve been addicted to maintaining this blog this weekend. It’s finally my free time after my usual busy days and I’ve been itching to complete this since I launched this blog.

I think most of the improvements are done, but I’ve probably missed some little things here and there (like padding and wrong :focus colors). When I envisioned this theme, I really want to go for the minimalist look with striking typography logo and striking accent color (hence that bold pink color). But I’m still a typography newbie so I felt something is still lacking so I added that pinkish flower background (credits to to some sections. I’ve never used a girly-ish theme before, most of my themes before looked generic af. ?

One of the perks of being a Web Designer / WordPress Developer  is being introduced to some of the best premium themes out there and for this blog, I am using Genesis Framework with my own  custom child theme. I used to think that for my own sites, I need to do everything from scratch but that’s really a lot work – design, front-end development, responsive fixes. With using a parent theme, I can focus on design and branding (and blogging!) which I really want to focus on rather than coding. And I really don’t have to worry about the responsiveness on mobiles and tablets. (Geez, meet the web design geek in me ?)


I actually did not stop at the front-end site of the blog, I also customized the back-end aka the WordPress dashboard. I used this custom admin theme called Fancy Admin UI and just edited the plugin files to suit my design. I probably need to take a mental note to back up the plugin when there’s an update tho. I used this plugin called Custom Login to customized the login page and iThemes Security to change the login url of WordPress. (Too bad I can’t used ‘/login’, I really wanted it. ?)


Custom WordPress Login page


Custom Admin Theme


I am really happy with the improvements I did and I’m still planning to add some ? but maybe not anytime soon.  Before launching this blog, I was unsure if I want to use Tumblr instead of  WordPress because a) I am mostly a fandom blogger b) Tumblr tag feature means a wider reach for my blog posts and I can meet new friends. But at the end, I settled with WordPress. I’m a WordPress fangirl after all. And I’ve been really using WordPress since 2006. WordPress is my home. :)

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  1. Susanne
    Susanne says:

    Really cool with the custom login page!!!! I don’t use WordPress anymore but it’s really nice with all the extra things you can do.

  2. Dada
    Dada says:

    Hi Rose!! Waaa! Good you kept up with being updated in all the front end stuff. :D Agree with choosing WordPress. :D Actually pinagiisipan ko rin kung Tumblr or WordPress for blogging. Then I also settled for WP. Then medyo napapaisip pa rin ako. Hohoho. Thanks for this post– made me feel like I made the right decision in choosing WP rin. :)

  3. Euri
    Euri says:

    Hmm! Looks good! I’m loving the simplicity. :D

    I wanted a new minimalist responsive layout too, so I’m still looking for one that I would like to use. I’m currently using a theme called Verbo (I think). I’m pretty satisfied with it, but I wanted a different theme for a change. XD


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