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Hi there~! I am Mary Roselyn. Nice to meet you. Welcome to Technowish.net, my newest baby. Here I will post my works for public download - layouts, wordpress themes, graphics even. I will try to write blog posts related to web design and/or wordpress themes if I can. More info?

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Free WordPress Theme: Secret Base

Features · Download Theme · How to Install Here is my second free WordPress theme for the year and it’s called Secret Base! Unlike my previous themes, this theme is entirely free! And I mean, there is no catch at all. Everything is as is. This is actually the very first theme I made for Kettobase.com four years ago. It is a very special theme to me. Although I lost the original theme files, I still have the PSD version so I recoded everything and it’s a good thing because I’ve grown so much – coding-wise – since four years […]

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Free Social Icons: Candycons

Free Social Icons: Candycons

*Throws confetti* Finally, here’s my first ever web icons release – and it’s a free social icons download. Yay! Originally, I made these icons for a free WordPress theme I’m planning to release soon and since I haven’t really finished the theme yet, I figured.

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Optimizing my websites through SEO

I recently got re-introduced to the world of SEO, thanks to my being a tech admin at YGLadies.com. Well, for those who are not familiar with SEO, here is an explanation from wikipedia: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of.

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Technowish is now a web design blog. Konata approves.

Technowish revamped!

I know it has been a while since I last posted an entry. Things have been really passive for me lately, I haven’t done anything productive and it bothered me.

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